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Giorgiko (pronounced jee-OR-jee-koh) is the product of a collaborative experiment between Darren and Trisha Inouye melding minimal, expressive character illustration with large-scale classical painting.  Conceived in 2012, the Giorgiko universe is home to lost boys and wayfaring girls, and explores the stories of their wanderings and their dreams of being found again.  Urban and classical youth are portrayed in city and nature scenes as part of their journeys through the world.

The husband-and-wife team first met while studying art at ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, California.  Darren was attracted to Trisha’s authenticity and quirkiness, while Trisha was drawn to Darren’s dashingly good looks.  Trisha hails from a Korean immigrant family in the San Francisco Bay area and was noticed at an early age for her talent in drawing.  She brings a cuteness and sweet innocence to Giorgiko’s characters.  Meanwhile, Darren is a 4th generation Japanese-American from Los Angeles who fell in love with hip hop dancing and graffiti in his youth, and the underground influence is evident throughout the Giorgiko universe.  Darren and Trisha’s work blends street and cute to create relatable images for wanderers of all ages.

Darren and Trisha are co-directors of Rainbow Art, where they teach foundational visual art skills to 130 children and adult students on a weekly basis. They are also parents to identical twin boys who keep the young artists occupied with finger foods and baby babble.  Their greatest accomplishment to date is keeping their children alive.