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Yosuke Ueno

   Yosuke Ueno was born in 1977, he started to create original characters and draw them since early childhood, and learned his way to paint by himself. The first solo show was held in Yamaguchi when he was sixteen, 1994. Known as Spaceegg77, and shows works in Asia, the U.S, and Europe, living in Tokyo. Also known as a specialist of symbolism and innocence. Sometimes four colors like red, green, yellow, and blue appear in his works. These colors represent the four bases of DNA: adenine, thymine, guanine and cytosine, that is, A, T, G and C-molecular elements that all animate beings share. Yosuke paints these colors and A, T, G and C with a message that all animate beings should have equal worth.
     The theme of Yosuke Ueno’s art is “Love, Space and Positive Energy.”“I always start new work without any detailed designs.My hope for a piece is to compleate itself beyond my imagination.I sometimes say that artists are parallel to scientists.Scientists have no way of knowing the result of an experiment beforehand.The same can be said about creating art. It is no wonder then that brains and instruments of thought are another prominent symbol. My belief is that though brains may be restricted in terms of size and quantity, they are wondrous in that the possibilities are limitless. It is the most supreme belonging a human being can possess. Our brains decide the behavior, character and personality of each individual, denoting the utmost depths of our identity.”



Shakespearean (group show) January , New York, USA

House of the Rising Light (group show) October, London, UK/ Rome, Italy

Majestic Parade (solo show) Nov, Los Angeles, USA


Americana/An Exploration of Big Top Culture (LA)

Thinkspace 10 Year Anniversary Show (LA)

POW! WOW! HI (Hawaii)

20 Years Under the Influence of Juxtapoz(LA)


solo show Beautiful Noise (LA)

A think & a drink with Contempo / Honolulu Museum of Art (Hawaii)



LA Art Show2014 (LA)

Art Fair Tokyo (Tokyo)

Artfair Taipei (Taipei)

Melancholy Menagerie: A Gaze into the world of Big eyes (Fullerton Museum California)

Starter kit show(LA)

LAX/SFO (San Francisco)

SCOPE Miami (Miami)


The 13th Hour
6th Annual Group Exhibit (NEW YORK)
Vanguard (LA )
"The Pop Surrealism Show" (NY)
Scope New York 2013(NY)