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Teiji Hayama

Teiji Hayama is a Japanese artist currently living and working in Switzerland.When he became 18, he left Japan and moved to London where he graduated the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design.Hayama exhibits his work regularly in galleries and Art Fairs throughout the world.


Teiji Hayama’s depicted characters are here in their twisted, grey-scale glory, forcing us to meditate on what it means to interact with the notion of celebrity in a digital age.

Hayama finds the process by which a celebrity becomes stratospherically famous extremely interesting. It appears to be a mixture of hard work and meticulous social maintenance, something that was also adopted by the likes of Marylin Monroe, Liz Taylor, Elvis Presley…

The majority of Hayama’s subjects have been plucked from the silver screen, they depict the elongated, amorphous figures of some of America’s most iconic stars. The detachment in their gaze belies a kind of purgatorial exhaustion, as if continuing to exist in the digital, retweeted realm after death is a considerably taxing experience.

However, Hayama’s work is not just about celebrity, it’s about how we interact with fame and what fame is in a contemporary setting.

With the emergence of wide scale social media interaction, the prophetic Warhol adage that “in the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes” looks increasingly apt.

Hayama’s work is about the exhaustion felt by us all as we carefully curate our digital personas.


Born in Japan


Graduated from Central Saint Martins' College of Art & Design, London, UK


Assistant designer & creation Cabane de Zucca, Issey Miyake Group, Tokyo, Japan


Nominated for the 2008 Sovereign Art Prize


Nominated 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide Luerzer's Archive 07/08 Selected collections Jean Pigozzi, Christian Leger


Nominated for the annual Swiss art scene exhibition organised by the Musée Cantonal des Beaux-Arts Lausanne Accrochage Vaud


Lives and works in Switzerland




Solo Exhibition

2022 Dallas Art Fair, Gr Gallery NYC

2021 Unit London

2021 The Anzai Gallery, Tokyo

2021 GR Gallery, Ethereal Icons, NYC

2020 Unit London, Fame

2019 Arsham/Fieg Gallery NYC, Under Pressure

2013 Thomas Punzmann Fine Arts, Thir-Teen, Frankfurt

2012 E¦C Gallery, INNO-SCENTS... Chicago 

2011 Krisstel Martin Gallery, INFANTARIVM, Singapore

2011 Galerie T40, Düsseldorf, Germany

2010 Galerie T40, NYMPHS, Düsseldorf, Germany

2010 Janine Bean Gallery, Is this desire?,  Berlin, Germany

2010 Willem Kerseboom Gallery, IDENTITEEN, Amsterdam

2010 Kunstraeume Zermatt, MADONESSENCE, Switzerland

2009 SCOPE ART SHOW Basel 2009 with Galerie T40, Germany

2009 Leslie's Artgallery Contemporary  Art, Luxembourg

2009 Galerie T40, INNOCENCE, Düsseldorf, Germany


Group Shows

2021 Art Fair Tokyo, The Anzai Gallery

2020 GR Gallery, NYC

2020 Unit London

2018 Krause Gallery NYC

2018 Corey Helford Gallery, Los Angeles

2017 Galerie Géraldine Zberro, Paris

2016 BLAM Gallery, The BLAM SHOW, curated by Stephen Romano

2016 Affordable Art Fair, Klose Galerie, Germany

2016 C.A.R. Art Fair, Klose Galerie, Germany

2016 Galerie Géraldine Zberro, Paris

2015 BLOOOM Art Show, Cologne, with PinkZeppelin  Gallery, Berlin

2015 Galerie Géraldine Zberro, Beautiful Bizarre, Paris

2015 CHG CIRCA, Dreamlands, Culver City, CA

2015 PinkZeppelin Gallery, Floating Intersections, Berlin

2015 Metro Show Art Fair, NYC, with Stephen Romano Gallery

2014 Stephen Romano Gallery, Cornu Copiae, Brooklyn

2014 Manila Art Fair, Endangered Visions, curated by G. Semper, Manila

2014 Ayden Gallery, Hikari, Vancouver

2014 Dublin Art Fair with Hillsboro Fine Art, Dublin

2014 La Luz De Jesus Gallery, The Coaster Show, Los Angeles

2014 Hillsboro Fine Art, Gallery and Invited Artists, Dublin

2014 Stephen Romano Gallery, Mysterium Cosmographicum, Brooklyn

2014 Hillsboro Fine Art, Collected, Dublin

2014 Scope Art Show New York with C.Emerson Fine Arts, Florida

2013 Galerie Rothamel, Dollhouse, Erfurt

2012 Scope Art Show Basel with Willem Kerseboom, Amsterdam

2012 Scope Art Show New York with C.Emerson Fine Arts, Florida

2011 Le Radar, Basse-Normandie, France

2011 C. Emerson Fine Arts, Lucid Dreams, Saint Petersburg, Florida

2011 Mio Mao Gallery, Perugia, Italy

2011 Mondo Bizzarro Gallery, The New Lost Generation, Roma, Italy

2011 Galerie T40, 7 Years Anniversary Review, Düsseldorf, Germany

2010 PAN Amsterdam with Willem Kerseboom Gallery, Amsterdam

2010 Aqua Art Miami with Galerie T40, Miami

2010 Berliner Liste with Galerie T40, Berlin

2010 SCOPE ART SHOW BASEL with Galerie T40 & Willem Kerseboom Gallery, Basel, Switzerland

2010 Mess Gallery (at Saatchi Gallery), London

2010 Art Amsterdam RAI with Willem Kerseboom Gallery, Amsterdam

2010 Artantique Jaabeurs Utrecht with Willem Kerseboom Gallery, Amsterdam

2010 The Affordable Art Fair London with bo.lee Gallery, Bath

2010 Helene Nyborg Contemporary, The Hello Show, Copenhagen, Denmark

2010 The Affordable Art Fair 2010 Brussels with Leslie's Artgallery

2009 The Affordable Art Fair 2009 Amsterdam with Willem Kerseboom Gallery

2009 PAN Amsterdam 2009 with Willem Kerseboom Gallery

2009 Lelsie's Artgallery, New Figurative Contemporary Art, Luxembourg

2009 Holster Projects, GODS AND RITUALS, London

2009 Espace Arlaud Lausanne, Accrochage Vaud 2009, Switzerland

2008 SCOPE ART SHOW Basel 2008, represented by Saatchi Online London, Basel, Switzerland

2007 Transition Gallery, The Painting Room, London