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Lily The Kit


  • Material: Poly-Resin / Fluff
  • Dimensions: Sculpture H26 * W19.5 * D16 cm / Wood Box H35 * W28 * D24 cm
  • Shipping Carton Dimension and Weight: H41 * W34 * D30 cm / 4.6kg (10.2lbs) 
  • Edition Size: 100 + 10 APs
  • COAs:Signed by the artists and producer


       生意気で気まぐれ 臆病と好奇心を持って遊んでる 自由な子供の姿は猫の自由によく似てる 小さいけど感じる痛みは大人と同じ 何も考えてないわけじゃないんだよ 

       Cheeky and moody Playing around between curiosity and cowardice. Children has free soul, just as cat has Small, but have own ideas Growing seeds of thoughts in their mind.--Yosuke Ueno

1.All sales are final, We will pack and ship sculptures well and safely, we won’t take any responsibility for shipping or transit caused damage especially shipping boxes. 

2. Limited one sculpture per account and household. We will cancel orders if buyers use any kind of bots which passed our website filter.

3. Released Date & Time

  •  Los Angeles: Fri 1/29, 7am
  •  New York:  Fri  1/29, 10am
  •  London:  Fri 1/29, 3pm
  •  Paris:  Fri 1/29, 4pm
  •  Taipei:  Fri 1/29, 11pm
  •  Tokyo:  Sat 1/30, 12am

Price: $480 USD + shipping

Accept Only VISA / Mastercard / JCB / UnionPay Card

Price USD$480