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  • Material: Vinyl / Transparent Crystal eyes
  • Dimensions: Sculpture H25 * W19 * D16 cm(H9.9" x W7.5" x D6.3") / Cardboard Box H29.5 * W23.5 * D21 cm(H11.6" x W9.3" x D8.3")
  • Sculpture Weight: 0.53kg ( 1.17bs)
  • Shipping Weight: 1.3kg (2.87lbs) with cardboard collector's box and cardboard shipping carton
  • Edition Size: 200 + 20 APs



1. All sales are final.  Sculptures will be carefully packed and shipped safely.  We will not take any responsibility for damage caused during shipping or transit, especially shipping carton.

2. Limit one sculpture per account and household. We will cancel orders by bots passing through our website filter.

3. You must register and login to order.  Please do so beforehand.

4. Release Date & Time

  •  Los Angeles: Mon 6/21, 8am
  •  New York:  Mon 6/21, 11am
  •  London:  Mon 6/21, 4pm
  •  Paris:  Mon 6/21, 5pm
  •  Taipei:  Mon 6/21, 11pm
  •  Tokyo:  Tue 6/22, 12am

Orders will be charged by ECpay in Taiwanese dollars (NTD)

Price: $260 USD ( $7,300 NTD) + shipping, Ships from Taiwan

Estimated shipping to US via FedEx is $140-172USD ( $3,931-$4,830NTD) and to Europe is €123-€156 ( $4,212-5,335NTD)

Accept only VISA / Mastercard / JCB / UnionPay Card

Price: $260 USD + shipping

Price USD$260